Why is 16 CFR 1633 so important?
Mattresses that are constructed to meet 16 CFR 1633 provide more time to escape from a fire that starts in a bedroom.

What does 16 CFR 1633 mean to retailers?
CFR Section 1633.13 prohibits a retailer to offer "for sale… distribute, or otherwise market or handle any mattress set which is not in compliance with the provisions."

Does the responsibility for compliance with 16 CFR 1633 lie solely with the mattress manufacturer?
No. All parties involved in the manufacturing and sale of a mattress or mattress set are accountable for the product's performance. This includes manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, importers, retailers and others.

Why is Atlantic Thread your best vendor choice?
Atlantic Thread has more than 30 years of specialized experience in high temperature and flame resistant products, such as sewing thread and edge binding tapes. We supply components used by manufacturers of flame resistant protective clothing, aircraft seating, business furniture, and school bus seating, in all 50 states and 23 countries. Atlantic Thread is focused on supplying our customers with reliable products, technical assistance, and service, so that they can consistently meet performance requirements:

  1. increase the time for escape,
  2. minimize the risk of personal injury, and at the same time,
  3. contain the fire hazard.

Mattress manufacturers tell us they want a solution that minimizes the chance of failure and liability exposure. Our research resulted in finding an edge closing system to protect the mattress interior from failure when exposed to an open flame. Our patented solution combines the Protection for Peaceful Sleep® tape edge closing system with a certified fire barrier fabric.