Protection for Peaceful Sleep®: A Systems Approach

Protection for Peaceful Sleep® is a tape edge closing system that requires mattress manufactures to use a combination of components which are tested and certified to perform consistently. Mattresses built from these components and a certified fire barrier fabric using one of several patented tape edge closing systems, will consistently pass the open flame challenge of 16 CFR 1633.

Component Parts of the Protection for Peaceful Sleep® System:

CRAQ-SPUN® Sewing ThreadCRAQ-SPUN® Sewing Thread
The first component in the Protection for Peaceful Sleep® tape edge closing system is the CRAQ-SPUN® sewing thread.

Based on our in-depth knowledge of flame resistant sewing threads, we know that CRAQ-SPUN® sewing thread made of para-aramid fiber is the best option for this critical operation. This selection meest three important requirements –high temperature resistance, high strength, and excellent sewability.

  • Superior high temperature resistance combined with high strength means that mattresses retain structural integrity when challenged by an open flame.

  • Excellent sewability translates into high factory efficiency and productivity.

CRAQ-SPUN® sewing thread is tested for consistent performance using ASTM D7061, Standard Test Method to Evaluate Edge Binding Components Used in Mattresses After Exposure to an Open Flame.

This testing confirms that CRAQ-SPUN® sewing thread retains superior break strength (greater than 10 lbs) after exposure to high heat (550° F). CRAQ-SPUN® sewing thread is listed as a recognized component by Underwrites Laboratories and also certified by SGS as part of the Protection for Peaceful Sleep® tape edge closing system.

TapeOXFORD® FR Mattress Tape
The second component of the Protection for Peaceful Sleep® tape edge closing system is the mattress tape.

  • The mattress tape must not only be flame resistant, but it also must self-extinguish. The OXFORD® FR mattress tape will help shorten the burn time along the tape edge. In a 30-minute test, the tape edge must self-extinguish as soon as possible to prevent a breach to the interior. This is important because the tape edge binding is encapsulating and protecting highly flammable foam. When used in this tape edge closing system, the OXFORD® FR mattress tape will usually self-extinguish in less than 10 minutes.

  • The mattress tape must perform after exposure to liquids. This is particularly important when selling products such as mattresses that have multiple year warranties. Since there is a chance that water, coffee, urine, or any other liquid could be spilled on the tape edge, we want to be sure that the flame retardancy will not be compromised.

OXFORD® FR mattress tape is also tested using ASTM D7016. The testing confirms that when the OXFORD® FR mattress tape is tested as a component, it self-extinguishes in less than 5 seconds both before and after five washings.

Our OXFORD® FR mattress tape is unmatched for performance.

Fire Barrier Fabric
We determined that evaluating the Protection for Peaceful Sleep® tape edge closing system with a variety of fire barrier fabrics was important and would benefit our customers.

Although Atlantic Thread does not specialize in fire barrier fabrics, we recognize that a supplier of FR sewing thread and FR mattress tape should have extensive knowledge about how these components interact with the fire barrier fabric.

CRAQ-SPUN® thread and OXFORD® FR mattress tape have performed very well with a variety of fire barrier fabrics that have been evaluated using ASTM D7140, Standard Test Method to Measure Heat transfer Through Materials Used as Thermal Barriers.